Rekord's in the USA?

OPEL has been a subsidiary of General Motors since 1929 but only between 1958 and 1975 did GM import Opel's to the United States and sell them through Buick dealers. So you would assume that the Rekord A and B (1963-1966) was sold in the USA but in fact they weren't. Curiously the smaller 1964-1972 Kadett was imported and became one of the best selling Opel models in the U.S. along side the classic Opel GT.

The previous Rekord (aka P1) from the 50's was imported (see pic below) with some success so I have no idea why GM didn't import the newer and bigger (by European standards) 1963 Rekord.

Since I started this blog I have found Opel Rekord's in 30 countries but so far none in the U.S.
What is strange is that spare parts, catalogs, etc can be found on ebay... Someone must have privately imported one, so I'm setting the challenge is to help find one!

Update: 29-08-2013 - Here is the first Rekord "B" spotted in the  USA: