Stefan’s Opel Rekord “Coupe”

This is my Opel Rekord Coupe year 1964. He has a 1700cc engine. It is a fairly exclusive model in the Netherlands. The sedan is a more common type. It is my great pride and comes only with good weather outside. In bad weather he sleeps inside. With best regards Stefan."

"When I just bought the car"

"It has a floor-shifter, manuel gear-box"

"The dash"

"the stock-wheel covers"

"two seperate seats"

"the allmighty 1700cc 4 cylinder;)"

"from the other side"

"behind the wheel"

"beautifull ass!"

"A good look at the roof(coupe)-line"

"No need to say, there is NO RUST;)"

Source: www.cardomain.com/ride/3381642/1964-opel-rekord

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