Ebay: Opel Rekord B Olympia - Macedonia

Starting bid: US $4,500.00

"This car has enormous history. Тhe first owner of the car is the respected ex mayor Antonov Metodi of the capital city Skopje in Macedonia who was on duty from 1974 to 1982 year, who was using this car in his private collection. After some time my uncle has bought this car and until this day he nurtures as memory of the good old times. The car is in all original shape, without some changes and modification except the color which is repainted from red to orange. The engine is in perfect condition with mileage of 70.184 km and it functions flawless. The interior is with small damages on the handles of the doors, and on the front seat, but still the years have done the damages. with a little investment the car can bring to the perfection. For more information,pictures or videos please contact me on e-mail."

Ebay item number: 321450779518

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