Opel Celebrates 100 Years of Elegant Automotive History

"I find it very interesting to find or learn something about the origin or how things get started for a number of brand name(s), iconic symbol(s) and so on. Looking back; trying to get a feel of how it was like back in the 1899 when the first Opel was created. Oh, by the way the very first Opel was, in fact; a "Cabrio". 
Moving into the future, since 2013 Opel have introduce the new 4-seater Cascada which noted to include creations from Karl Deutsch in Cologne.   The coachbuilder converted the Rekord A of 1963 into a cabrio, as it did with the Rekord C in 1966 and its sporty sister model the Commodore A.   The entry-level price for a two-door Rekord C base car was 7,590 German marks, and the conversion cost another 4,000 marks. Only around 30 open-air Rekord A and B models were built, while about 50 Rekord C and Commodore A cabrios were produced before the model change in 1972."

Source: http://www.leiron.be/exttopics4/opel-100-years-lutzmann-cascada.php

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